Sage handbook of digital dissertations and theses

It is a theoretical and practical guide on how to undertake and navigate advanced research in the arts, humanities and social sciences. Topics covered include: - how to make research more accessible - the use of search engines and other sources to determine the scope of work - research training for students - what will theses, dissertations and research reports look like in ten years' time?

The contributions chart new territory for universities, research project directors, supervisors and research students regarding the nature and format of Masters and doctoral work, as well as research projects. This handbook is an essential reference for researchers, supervisors and administrators on how to conduct and evaluate research projects in a digital and multimodal age. Do meanings change as they move from one language — words — to another, the image?

What does it mean to the notion of argument to offer a text which the reader can find their own way through? Are some ideas better suited to words than to images or performance — and vice versa?

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All of these questions, and more, are canvassed in the book. One key question, which many of the contributors raise, is how well supervisors and advisers are prepared to support this range of dissertations. What is it that we need to know and be able to do? What should we ask doctoral researchers to explain about their methods and media in their dissertations and in oral examinations?

What counts as rigorous research in the multi-modal?

002 The Sage Handbook Of Digitals And Theses

What do we need to know about the image in order to assess the level of sophistication of use of visual modes? The list of things we supervisors need to come to terms with just goes on and on. It is possible for students in the same country to have very different types of digital dissertation possibilities open to them. London: Sage. For example, one can write a thesis in a human and computer readable language e.

Markdown and then publish the thesis in multiple formats e. For those who are data-inclined, even the analysis code and results can be reproducibly woven into the text using literate programming tools like sweave or knitr. Like Like.

Mine is somewhere between 2,3 and 4 depending on how radical the viewer thinks it is. In doing this I am aware I am also taking a risk.

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Thanks for bringing this book to my attention- i will be asking my library to get it! I would love unis to embrace digital these as part of the submission, my thesis incuded over images, many in colour.

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