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First of all, swearing leaves a bad impression on the society of your behavior. How so you may ask? Society will loose respect for you as it is a sign of bad attitude, a lack of character, immature, ignorant and a bad example. Also, it makes you unpleasant to be with and at the same time, it endangers your relationships with your friends. For example, you swore at this friend, he or she took it the wrong way, and you may end up being physically or verbally attacked. Furthermore, lead to unnecessary stress on yourself.

Have you ever wondered what causes us to swear? At the point of teenage hood, we desire the need of power the most where we can have a sense of control of over things to make us look tougher. For example, when we encounter a problem or threat, many times we think that using vulgar language will give us the power to have control over threats or problem greatly. We believe that we are able to control them through abusive, aggressive and domineering speech. Other than that , teenagers are easily influenced by peer pressure by society.

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A common example would be the influence by your friends. Therefore, thinking that swearing makes themselves cooler , teens curse to fit in. So, it is almost impossible for one to not swear if they continue to hang out with friends who do swear.

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They do not realize that slowly, this habit of swearing would gradually become a habit so satisfying, that which you may find hard to get rid of. You must be wondering , how is it ever possible to stop swearing? The first step is to make a commitment to yourself, to stop this habit.

How can we make a commitment to ourselves you may ask. First, find substations to the words you commonly swear with. Think of words that are less offensive that can substitute the swear words you commonly use with. You must be thinking, what do I mean by punishing yourself? What I am trying to say is that , every time you swear ,make a commitment by putting money in a swear jar for charity every time you curse. This actually gives you extra motivation to stop.

In conclusion , most teen nowadays do not use profanity to rebel or annoy people. Foul words are now used as an integral part of speech and is commonly used in the daily basis. Efficient gas mining.

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Corrupted cup made me feel…. Removing Developer Dependance …. Blizzard Incident and Hypoc…. Chemical dependence. Customize Sidebar Profanity in an Essay. Post a Reply. I would like to reference this article in a paper on net neutrality, specifically the second sentence. What is the convention on profanity in American academic papers, especially with respect to quotes? That article is hardly what I would call an American academic paper.

Its just some blog I didn't say it was a paper; I wanted to reference it in my paper. And though it's just some blog, it was referenced directly by the savetheinternet. Yes, the article is informal, but I'm an undergrad, so I can only care so much. I just want to know if quoting that sentence would be in violation of some convention or another. You should be find because "bullshit" isn't that bad. Would probably be more professional safer to edit it out like "blah blah [profanity] blah blah On January 29 DeathSpank wrote: profanity doesn't belong in any academic paper unless it is inherent of the subject material.

How to Use Expletives Effectively in Your Writing

In a scholarly academic journal, profanity is not prohibited, by any means, but is discouraged in the sense that it probably says something about your maturity and, quite honestly, your overall intelligence, if you use it yourself. In a quotation, it's really up to you. If you don't edit out profanity, that's completely fine. If you choose to do so, that's completely fine. You're quoting somebody else, that's all there is to it.

I've read essays and articles where profanity was used carefully in order to drive home points in a certain way. However, throwing them out in a ranting style without it being satirical or something of the sort is a big no no. An academic setting is a high and formal one. You carefully construct and argue points using support and citations that have been more or less, but always carefully, verified. Generally speaking, profanity has no place in such a context. EDIT I've personally never used profanity in any of my university essays.

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Then again, I'm a philosophy student, so I really don't have a reason to. I've personally never used profanity in any of my university essays. I've used worse language than that in quotations. Have a good reason to quote it, and cite it properly - that's all that you should need to worry about. It's almost always acceptable at the least, maybe a bit frowned on, but if the quote is good the profanity will be overlooked.

You can get away with quoting someone else using it in sociology papers, or papers that have some sort of ethnographic research involved. I don't get it-- if you're an undergrad, then your professor should gladly answer that question for you. Why would you ask on TL where you would likely get a mix of answers? Profanity is okay when you're quoting it, but your source is not for reasons unrelated to its use of profanity.

Say No To The Habit Of Swearing English Language Essay

Some professors do have preferences though, so it's worth it to shoot a quick email to ask. If you're doing this assignment last minute, take the safe side. I'd be more concerned about citing a blog than using quoted profanity. Maybe this guy has some sort of credentials and knows what he's talking about, but blogs are notoriously untrustworthy. On January 30 Always wrote: I don't get it-- if you're an undergrad, then your professor should gladly answer that question for you.

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