Coca cola on facebook case study harvard

Engagement is Simple with Words and Photos

Sorry, Pepsi. My mouth still waters as I evoke the memory. How can designers create these special moments—this magic?

Coca-Cola on Facebook Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Can we conceive of the complete story and lead people down a path of creating smiles? When you design, do you think about the object, service, or experience in a way that focuses you on create an effect well over the horizon?

As designers, that is our challenge. That is our mission. We want to maximize the contribution of our people across the Coca-Cola system.

We are experimenting with removing formal reviews and ratings and instead helping managers and people leaders mobilize people around the work that matters most. We are arming our people managers with the right resources, practices, and tools, so that they communicate about the work that matters rather than focusing on HR processes.

Coca-Cola Funds Scientists Who Shift Blame for Obesity Away From Bad Diets - The New York Times

As our business transforms, the structure and paths people can take in their careers is changing. The downstream effect of how we groom leaders and assess leaders has to match that same construct.

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We have to ensure the vision is aligned with the principles and concepts we are using to groom future leaders. Coca-Cola Leadership Institute, at the center of Coca-Cola University, offers world-class leadership curriculum for all people leaders. It is aligned to the critical priorities and the future-focused transformations that we need.

One of our differential investments in key talent is the Contour Leadership Experience, being developed and designed in partnership with Harvard Business School. Our future leaders learn from the best thinkers, faculty and best cases from around the world, as well as through our other signature programs to provide critical exposure and development experiences.

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As you have seen, we have many experiments underway. As we look to answer the four-part question — Do I have, and will I have, the talent my business needs to deliver my short term and long term priorities? Bring us your leadership development challenges.