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Profit maximisation is the sole objective and consumers are taken for granted. It is against profit maximization at the cost of stakeholders consumers, uses marketing as a means for social welfare.

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In fact consumer is the purpose of marketing. In the new concept of marketing, the orientation has changed from production to marketing, product to customer, and supply to demand, sales to satisfaction and internal to external.

Critics assert that consumers may not be aware of all of their wants and needs. In the s, how many consumers were of need for microwaves to cook food? In the s, how many consumers were aware of having personal computers?

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The new definition of AMA does not talk of hidden needs. Supporters of the marketing concept have contended that it does not stifle innovation and that it does recognize that consumers cannot conceive of every product that they may want or need, because need is defined in a very broad sense.

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Importance of Marketing to the Marketers, Consumers and Society. With features and natural motions, it mimics real-world objects.

Although it primarily focuses on touch-based app design, it is also effective in web design. This article will cover some of the essential…. Before launching any web design project, you might want to check with a review if everything is in order from the design aspect.

There is a collective sense that design is a matter of taste and preferences. By that logic, you could color your website any way you like. Often, things we imagine in our heads that seem great regularly turn out to be bad ideas when we put them in the real world, such as a piece of paper or a computer screen. They say that the picture is worth a thousand words.

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What if this is not just a picture but a…. We can find icons everywhere in our everyday lives: from road signs, store logos, to our laptop keyboards. Images help us interpret information better. In this….

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