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NEW — There are now National awards for this contest. There is a form available at www. The form must be returned to me by March 31, and I will forward onto National. I know we will have a great year in all these programs.

2018-2019 Patriot's Pen First Place Winner Daniel Rodriguez

Please remember to report everything you do to me and check out the Auxiliary and District awards to be given out at our Department Convention next year. I would like a winner for every award. August September Facebook Twitter Pinterest Instagram. Scholarships Laurie Sparwasser, Chairman. This became the sign of independence the colonists so desperately craved.

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It soon became the flag of the United States of America. Throughout the years there have been several revisions to this flag. When new states were added to the union, stars and stripes were added to the flag. There are many reasons for people to honor the American Flag. For me I honor it because of the exceptional soldiers who fought to make our country what it is today.

Laurie Sparwasser, Chairman

My reason is my Popi. Although I never got to meet my Popi, I can tell he was an amazing person. Like so many Americans, my Popi put his life on hold to defend our country. He ended up getting wounded and received a purple heart for his service during WWII. Even though being in war is awful, he was one of the lucky ones.

He came back home to start a family and lead a happy life. Unfortunately, this was not the case for many Americans.

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My family was so fortunate that my Popi came back. The fact that veterans are not appreciated enough almost brings tears to my eyes. Some people just expect soldiers to go through intense training, fight for our freedom, see awful things they will never forget and be fine when they return home. Some people are just not aware of the toll war can take on a person, even if they were not in combat. The next time you feel like things are not going your way and you seem to be having a rough day, just look at the American Flag.

The next time you feel things are not going your way and you seem to be having a rough day, just look at the American flag.

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By David L. Dyer It is my distinct pleasure to be chosen as the post chairman of the Veterans of Foreign Wars two essay writing contests. Brenda Mayes.

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