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I also met with another candidate who was reappearing because he scored 9 in listening and reading, 8. I am worried as I am waiting for my results. I find it much easier to fill up answer sheets. It is only during the writing part that i find it irritating and distracting about the noice from keyboards.

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It echoes even i put back my headphones to minimize the hearing of keyboard ticks. Overall, it was a good experience. HI Cris where did you take your test and were you allowed to put headphones back on during writing session? After the test, they asked me some feedback and i suggested to change to keyboards.

Is this facility available to highlight keys in the passage or available options in the questions? We cannot highlight questions in listening section in fact for reading section too. Yes we can highlight the text in the passage for reading section. This could be one drawback in CBT, As Liz mentioned we need to practice multitasking read the question, listen to the conversation and write the answer. Could anyone who has taken computer delivered test and wrote in Capital Letters can confirm?

J just took the computer-delivered test today, and there was a blackout in the middle of the reading test with just 10 minutes left. When we finally logged back in, some of us lost all answers and have to start over again but some of us just need to continue and ended in 10 minutes. I had to wait another 30 minutes for the reading test to end for everyone as the invigilator allowed those who had to start all over again to end earlier.

Thanks for sharing your experience. That certainly is one unfortunately aspect of using technology. Hopefully it is a rare occurrence. Hi Liz, Thanks for all your articles and videos. I used them extensively throughout my preparation. I gave 2nd attempt in April 19 Computer based and got my results in 4 days on 10th April This time I scored L 8.

I found entire process easier, stress free and less crowded. There were only 3 people in the exam room. Writing part was amazing as I was very comfortable with typing. Also We were allowed to use headphones at all the times They were damn good quality noise cancellation headphone I feel computer based IELTS is here to stay and more people should opt for it.

It also reduces the exam — results time cycle by at least days. It helped me big time as I was familiar with exam room, quality of headphones, keyboard and mouse at least 6 days before my actual test. Hi Varun, how did you book for mock exam? Thanks for the info. No computer can assess language on all four marking criteria. Hi Liz Thank you for taking the time to provide such helpful hints. Hi Liz and everyone. How many minutes do you have among sections too? Liz, I have taken the mock test on the website od IDP and you can see the seconds if your mouse is on the time.

They change the time format when the mouse is on the time, therefore, you can see also the minutes. Hi liz, please what how do i write when a line graph is increasing and flunctating at the same time in WT1. This is so helpful. I just gave my test few days back and yes the TAB key works. I used it largely during the Listening test. Just when I had to go to the next section. So do use the TAB key, helps alot. So this time, I have to retake my CBT next month as I need a desired band for my immigration process.

Thanks Liz. Writing: It is easy to over-write, especially if your typing is fast. So keep an eye on the words. I forgot to do it, and end up writing for the essay. Got 6. Remarking under way. First of all, I just wanted to thank Liz for all her useful tips and help. She is really wonderful!

And I would like also to express my sincere wishes to all potential test takers here. I is great to fallow you. Very helpful tips. I am planning to give my test next month. Hopefully will do best. Hello all Thank you very much Liz for the post, it is exactly what I was looking for. I have a question about writing CBT, and I would appreciate if somebody could share the information.

The question is — Can you move between writing task 1 and task 2 during the exam? I mean I prefer to write task 2 first, for example, and then move back to the task 1. Or I have to finish task 1 in 20 minute, and only after 20 min I would be able to start task 2. And would I be able to double check both tasks at the end if I have time. The rules do not change because it is on a computer. The time is not fixed for writing task 1 and writing task 2.

The time is only recommended. You manage your own time for the reading and writing tests. The only significant difference in format is in the listening test when you only have 2 mins to check your answers rather than 10 mins to transfer your answers. For listening, it is quite difficult to drag and drop the answers. No min extra time is a huge disadvantage, as we have to type the answer while we must pay attention to the next passages;. For reading, I really like this part. For writing, the automatic word count is advatageous, and it is very easy to edit your work or move paragraph or sentences;.

Overall, even though test takers are good at typing, unfamilarity with the keyboard layout and space can result in earsily typos, which may waste your time to correct the words frequently. Also, it may be relatively easier to make undetected typos which mean you will lost marks as such.

While dragging answers from right to left on big computer screen, I lost my focus as the answers were long enough to interpret. In Paper based I scored 8. Undoubtedly, writing and readingexperience was awesome. Have a question for a long time in my mind, is it ok to type all in capital letters as in paper based for reading and listening?

Reading pros: We can do highlight by selecting the phrase, you would like to highlight and right click and select highlight. There is instructions in IDP page. Advice for Writing We can use the ear phone to avoid the noise of typing. So you can only hear your own typing and may not get distracted by others typing. I just can retype the whole link here and Liz locks pasting in comments. Listening: Though I am good in typing, but computer screen was quite big to drag answers from right to left and in that process I lost my focus.


In earlier attempt of Pen-paper, I scored 8. I tried this before, too, and failed to see the complete diagram in Listening. I had to change my font size to either regular or smaller font. Or as a general rule, look at all the questions first before focusing on the specific questions. Hi There, 8. Well done.

I did not quite understand what is dragging the answers. It does not show in CB practice tests. Thankyou Arati. Can we move segments of sentences or paragraphs in writing CBT? Does cut-copy-paste work? Is it similar to MS Word usage sans spell or grammar checks? The major disadvantage of CBT exam is that examiner for the writing section knows exactly the number of words you have typed in and will find the writing quite awkward if you wrote more than what is required.

This can trigger an alarm for reducing your score with the judgement that the test taker wrote unnecessary and irrelevant contents that are out of context. I am telling you all about this since I had just gone through such result where I was given only 6 in writing even though I had met the important criteria for scoring high in writing. In fact, I am quite dissatisfied with the writing score which I even speculated that the examiner was quite junior in exam checking experience and was not at all a supporter of lengthy complex writing. The examiner will know the number of words you wrote in the paper based test because the words are counted.

You should never aim for a lengthy essay. Your essay should be between and words. If you write unnecessary information in your essay, you will get a lower score. I liked it so much! I work with a computer for 20 years so to write on a laptop is so much easier than paper writing for me. My marks increased and the difference between the first test and the second one was just one month.

I do think that is because of the method. I really want to thank you for your amazing tips. Especially regarding the speaking and writing tests. It really helped me to score 8. As for the advantages of giving the Computer based exam, I believe there are many benefits. Especially with the Reading and Writing sections. As for the listening section, a word of caution, please make sure your headphones are working. I had a slight issue at the start, got my headphones changed and it was all good.

Know the format for Writing Task 1 and 2 that really boosts up the band. Also for the listening test, use the Tab key. Helps to move quickly to answer next questions. We are asked to test the headphones if it is working properly and a sample audio plays. Only if you are satisfied with this check stage, you can click on the button to start the exam. This is what happened in my case. I got the result in 4 days only for CDT. My experience was very good as I actually enjoyed giving the test on computer. In fact, you get to see the number of words on screen while writing, can erase your mistakes while avoiding bad impression on the examiner and give more time developing your ideas as typing can be done way faster than writing for even medium users.

My wife gave PBT for first three times but due to fewer dates and delayed results, she went for CBT in her fourth attempt and onwards. Even though her typing speed is still around 15 WPM, she managed to finish her test words on all CBTs and get respectable scores. Furthermore, if anyone feels distracted by the noise in the exam room, they can put on the noise cancelling headphones for the entirety of the test which really helps in focusing better.

Very interesting and very useful. Thanks for sharing. Please let test takers know that the Reading passages are different for candidates in the same exam but I think difficulty level is same. I was guilty of this! My reading passage, section 3 to be precise was extremely difficult. I spent 38 minutes on just section 3. The passage was on flavoring of foods. If typing is quick and easy, it will be easy for people to write lengthy essays and reports or letters task 1.

So, it is something to bear in mind. Always make sure you are paying attention to word count. A length essay is not the aim. In task 1, you will be marked down for adding too much insignificant detail in your report for task 1. Thanks a lot, Liz. I will be taking my test March 19 and it is a CBT. I will provide you some feedback from my experience.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Hi, my name is Elizabeth Liz. It is the same test but you put your answers on the computer rather than on to paper. Is the marking the same? Con: Even though you are given a pen and paper, you need to type your answer directly into the computer. This means you need to be able to listen and type at the same time.

Con: Some questions require you to type an answer others require you to drag words from one place to another and others require you to select boxes. You really need to get used to the different ways questions can be answered on the computer for IELTS listening. Con: Transfer time — you have only 2 mins to check answers, not 10 mins to transfer answers. Pro: The tab key works to move from one part to another. Note: One candidate had an example conversation played at the start of the listening test, another did not.

So be aware of this.

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You can get a sample for each question type in IDP website. Pro: The best thing with CBT is that you can have passage on left-hand side and questions on the right-hand side. It is really easy and convenient to read and answers the questions. Pro: You can increase the font size.

Pro: You can highlight the text as needed. Right click and select highlight. Con: You cannot use a search function to look for words. Advice: Get used to scrolling up and down long articles to get used to reading passages and navigating passages on a screen. Pro: You do not need to count your words. The computer will show the word count. Pro: It is easier to edit your writing. You can cut, copy and paste. Con: The major disadvantage with CBT is we unintentionally make typo errors. Though we know how to spell a word we make mistakes when we type.

It is not always possible to identify all the spelling mistakes when proof reading. Con: There will be a lot of people typing for one hour all at the same time. This means it can be very noisy which some people find distracting. Con: Your typing speed needs to be adequate. Note: You will be given a pen and paper. You can use it to plan your essay. Email Address Subscribe. Sharing is caring Filed Under: Uncategorized.

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Nav says. July 5, at pm. Regards Nav. Elizabeth says. July 4, at am. Khalil says. July 2, at am. July 2, at pm. Andrei says. June 21, at am. June 21, at pm. Haritha says. June 19, at am. MA says. Appeared on Sunday and had my results by following Friday. June 19, at pm. N says. June 18, at pm.

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Thanks Raj. June 13, at am. June 6, at pm. Hi Liz, I want to attend computer based, at about 3 week later. YaaAsant says. June 4, at am. Date: June Location: Ghana At the test center, we had to await a software update from Cambridge. I hope someone finds this helpful. June 4, at pm. Lois says. Sadia says. May 31, at pm. Can we use all capital letters in listening and reading in CBT as well?

May 23, at am. Umbareen says. June 11, at pm. Arpit chsristian says. May 22, at am. Thank you, Arpit Christian. Rockstar says. May 22, at pm. Find function is blocked. Arpit Christian says. May 26, at am. Sushil says. May 28, at am. Eliza says. May 13, at am.

Was hoping to get little bit more time there as I usually complete the first 2 sections before time in practice Thank you! May 13, at pm. Herms says.

May 21, at pm. In PBT, are examinees provided with individual headphones during the listening round? Each test center is different. You need to check with your test center if they use headphones. Himali says. July 26, at pm.

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Hello does the computer correct your spelling in the writing test for computer based? It would have been unfair if it did. Hacer Gorbav says. May 1, at pm. PR says. April 28, at pm. Overall: The waiting tie before exam is less than compare to PBT The results will be given in max of 7 days heard few got even in 2 days Less crowd Those who are familiar using computer in day to day life for them CBT is the best option and also your typing speed should be at moderate rate. Manivasan G says. May 4, at am. Hi PR, Thanks for the detailed information.

That really helps. Rasika says. May 6, at am. Samih Adel Hassan Abdalazeez says. April 27, at am. Sincerely, Samih. Dx says.

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April 25, at am. Diana says. April 24, at am. Hope this helps! April 24, at pm. Raj Panchal says. April 20, at pm. Thank you! Katerina says. April 21, at am. Annie says. April 20, at am. Hello Liz, Your website is really amazing. Jahanzeb says. April 16, at pm. Akash Rastogi says. April 23, at pm. Shazia says. Listening was difficult for me I also met with another candidate who was reappearing because he scored 9 in listening and reading, 8.

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April 15, at pm. Saying the same thing over and over again is not very convincing, after all. Professors would also like to know that their students can makes connections between the different parts of their arguments. So, instead of thinking of each paragraph as one separate argument that has nothing to do with any of the others, they want students to think of the paper as one argument with a lot of paragraphs providing support for that argument. Finally, professors want students to know that there is more to each subject than is given in the paper.

No paper is the be-all and end-all of anything. After all, the thesis is like the tip of a pyramid. It needs everything underneath it, like the body paragraphs, to hold it up. Otherwise, the reader gets lost, unsure of what evidence goes with what idea. However, by the time students reach college, they can handle more. The workload gets bigger the farther in college you go because students get used to writing. You can do this by looking for similarities or differences. Bring in a new perspective. Think about new questions your arguments raise. Maybe you question a long-held opinion, or maybe you support one.

This information is very beneficial for my essay assignments thats coming up I can use any helpful hints. Thanks Margo. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. For those of you who are more visual learners, this is what it looks likes: Paragraph 1: Thesis Paragraph 2: Point 1 Paragraph 3: Point 2 Paragraph 4: Point 3 Paragraph 5: Conclusion Many students come to the Writing Center after receiving a less-than-satisfying grade on a paper of this kind, hoping that we can help with revision.