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Scholarship Application Essay Example

These scholarships tend to be unique or inspired by the sponsoring organization. This is also a popular scholarship theme. It highlights participation and its associated benefits. Again, this is another scholarship essay theme that you may see added to another scholarship question or application.

Control , i. From being a leader to follower and everything in between, the committee is seeking answers regarding group interaction, the organization of people, or participation within a group setting. You may notice some similarities with the Committee Composition theme because these scholarships are usually committee-driven and created. These scholarships will require specific credentials to apply or may use the credential within application questions.

Reader Interactions

Cultures can be comprised of many different components. Scholarship applications may have one or several themes present.

Make An Outline

Focus on identifying your possible scholarship themes. Labeling scholarships by themes and working on them at the same time allows the student to divide and conquer. For now, this should keep you pretty busy as you continue to find and apply for scholarships. Since the introduction is what draws the reader into your essay and convinces them to keep going, it should be one of the strongest parts of your essay. Instead of starting off with a general overview, why not hook your reader in with a surprising first line?

Some Possible Essay Topics:

For example, which of these two opening lines pulls you into the story more? Which one makes you want to keep going? My first time traveling abroad was during a family vacation to Mexico in It was ; I had just crossed the border into Mexico and my life was about to change. The second sentence gives the reader something to look for; it makes them curious about not only how your life changed during your trip but also why it changed.

Fourteen Scholarship Essay Examples That Won Thousands

It gives the readers unanswered questions and they have to keep reading to find the answers. Why should they keep reading? Creating a basic outline is a great way to make sure this happens! To create an outline, first organize your thoughts. Write down the main points that you definitely want to cover in your essay. Next, organize those thoughts into various sections: introduction, body, and conclusion. Your ideas can either be in sentence form, short phrases, or simple words — whatever you prefer!

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Lastly, make sure your ideas flow in a logical order and, if necessary, add more detail under each point. Check out this source for more information.

5 Awesome Scholarship Essays That Worked

If it makes it easier, try creating a basic scholarship essay outline before you start writing. Connecting with an audience through writing can be challenging but, when done right, it can create a very powerful connection between the reader and the author. Concise writing is often the best writing. Many students believe that longer sentences are preferable, but this is not the case. Communicate your point using only the words you need. Ensure your spellings and grammar are correct. Place your tenses well and avoid misplacing words. Also, check out for your punctuation.

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  • The judges have a lot of reading to do, so, do not give them a reason to reject yours. You can also ask a friend, classmate or tutor to proofread your scholarship application essay and make corrections. Try and write on what interests you and not just what you feel you should write.

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    The examiners can sense how genuine your scholarship application essay is. Make the conclusion of your thesis interesting rather than simply rephrasing, or worse, reformulate your original thesis. Your conclusion should explain why the rest of your essay was important. If you follow these steps, your essay will be among the award-winning scholarship essays in the next competition you apply for.

    Tips for writing your Chevening Essays.

    The best way to get an idea of what the scholarship committees are looking for is to look at the examples of scholarship essay winners. Take the time to analyze the writing style, think about the strengths, and see how you can improve. This may seem a tedious task, but fortunately, we have already done part of the work for you. Notwithstanding, most scholarship application essays come with their own prompt. Check out these essay prompts and the scholarship essay examples that won money.

    So, here are a couple of scholarship essay examples that won. You can go through them and see if you can format your scholarship essay the same way.

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    These are other winning scholarship application essay examples with the links for application for interested students. Essay Prompt: The Fund for Education Abroad is committed to diversifying education abroad by providing funding to students who are typically under-represented in study abroad. Does this article meet your immediate needs? If yes, leave us a 5-star rating in the Review Box below. If no, leave a comment in the comment box to express your concern or ask a question and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

    Do you need an award-winning scholarship essay for scholarship application? Your email address will not be published. Scholarship essay examples about yourself Scholarship essay examples about career goals High school scholarship essay examples Scholarships essay examples why I deserve this scholarship. Table Of Contents. More On Scholarship Essay Examples That Won Money Even if you meet the criteria for a scholarship, there is likely to be someone among the candidates with similar grades, achievements, community commitments, and similar aspirations.

    In addition to the advice you get from friends or colleagues, here are other tips for you. Here are the tricks: Read the essay prompt carefully.