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Another long-standing journal, the Journal of Political Economy was first published in and has since covered both theoretical and empirical work in economics which could have a long-term impact on the state of the field. Its specialisations include monetary theory, fiscal policy, labour economics, development, micro and macroeconomic theory, international trade and finance, industrial organization, and social economics.

Established in , this is another well-established and well-respected journal in the field of economics.

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Once a year, in May, an issue is dedicated to presenting proceedings and papers from the annual meeting of the American Economic Association. It was founded with the specific intent to publish work from young and up-and-coming economics researchers; a mission which it continues to this day. With a focus on financial economics specifically, this journal published on the behalf of the Society for Financial Studies accepts both theoretical and empirical papers which fit in the intersection between finance and economics. Another influential journal in this field is the Journal of Econometrics, established in The focus of the journal is on econometrics methodologies as well as the way in which these methodologies can be applied to substantive areas of economics.

Already over a hundred years old, the Review of Economics and Statistics is a general journal of applied quantitative economics. The journal also published collections of papers devoted to a single topic of interest, be it methodological or empirical.

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This journal predominantly published research into economic growth and comparative economic development. Research is often based over the contemporary period, but sometimes also includes insights into the entire course of history. Some key topic areas include income distribution, demographic transition, human capital formation, technological change and structural transformation in the growth process.

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Founded in , this journal is a leader in macroeconomic research. It is often ranked highly in its specialist subject area, and accepts submissions in all areas of macroeconomics. On alternate years the Journal of Monetary Economics published eight and nine volumes, using proceeds from a conference sponsored by the Study Center Gerzensee of the Swiss National Bank to fund its biennial ninth volume.

Russia's Economic Crisis.

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  • In general an economy is a system of producing and distributing goods and services and rules that set the value of each according to the demand and rarity of the resources. Usually the scarce resources are one of the main subject of studying in economic researches. The changes in trends and demands are another one that is closely connected with the first: even if there is plenty of resource, the artificially created demand can make it rare.

    Business cycles, on the bigger scale, is another subjects of research that can make a great topic for the paper. Business strategies are also the great potential topic for the research paper: despite the incredible diversity of the products and services, the successful strategies are limited and mostly based on the unchangeable traits of human nature and society in general.

    Studying, combining and improving these strategies is one of the main directions of economic science. By clicking "Log In", you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy. Conclusion : Firms must continuously measure productivity. The market alone is not enough to generate peak output — strong management is also required, and firm's will benefit from devoting resources to it.

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    Conclusion : Standard comparative cost theory doesn't sufficiently explain trade. Conclusion : External and internal government debt can potentially reduce capital stock in the long-run. Conclusion : You can figure out the optimal number of entities for a given currency areas. Conclusion : There is a way to avoid moral hazard when you're paying people a lot of money.