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Bush publicly called for more nuclear power plants in America. With my own ears I heard him speak the same half-truths and outright lies that have always been slung about "inexpensive clean energy"; "completely safe", etc so as to favorably impress the greedy, gullible public. As a way of constantly reminding mankind of the malevolent nature of atoms gone wild, I believe a law should be passed in every country that all new nuclear plants be required to bear the name of a past hurricane, pandemic, or serial killer.

The name selected would be required to be used in every reference to the new nuclear plant from the moment first proposed, through the approval process, construction, and forever thereafter. The pro-nuclear forces have crafted a cunning new strategy for making "tax deals" with opposing environmental groups - each likely to be some kind of deal they can't refuse - which will forever marginalize and co-opt their position. Some "events" in the U. Go ahead, put chernobyl deformities into Google and just have a look at the hundreds of hits you'll get.

Please oppose every nuclear initiative, and every candidate that calls for more nuclear powerplants. If we allow high oil prices to start a rush to build more nuclear power plants, then the terrorists will have even greater opportunities to wreak disaster upon all mankind. Think a nuclear disaster can only happen in Ukraine or Japan??

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In addition many, many other nulear accidents have happened all over the planet. Why build more nuclear plants and subject ourselves to the risk of taking many thousands of times more when another nuclear accident happens? What thinking person can believe not even one will ever happen again?

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Some Australians the wise ones are currently March in an ominous struggle against being force-fed dozens of new nuclear powerplants, propelled by government invocation of the holy-green-gods of "Renewable Energy" and "Global Warming. For a time in , the Aussies thought they had vanquished the threat of their own Nuclear Monsters.

But unfortunately, the election of new bureaucrats has revived the beast. The Brits also have a group of wise folks who oppose the forces seeking to greatly increase England's number of nuclear powerplants. Read about their furious struggle here at nonewnukes. Twenty five years after Chernobyl, Russian markets were still selling radioactive produce. An Arizona nuke, the largest nuclear generation facility in the world , has had to be shutdown January due to a malfunction. At least a dozen aging and obsolete reactors in the USA are in need of being shutdown permanently, but there is no money available for decommissioning and safe fuel storage.

Compared with the risks of nuclear energy, doesn't it seem that good old-fashioned crude oil is still the best, and safest, way to go? Then there's the lone farmer who stopped a nuke in Montague, Massachusetts. And of course the triumph of derailing the Diablo Canyon nuke. You can begin planning, right now, what you are going to do to help prevent the construction of 10 New Nukes that are currently in the "promotion stage" i.

Worldwide, I think mankind is losing the battle. In the first days of we read that Iran, monster in the making , has announced resumption of atomic work , and that it can now produce its own yellowcake purified uranium. Further, it seems that Iran is trying to assemble a nuclear missile that could be functional by Iran looks forward to a world with neither Israel or the United States , whose collective demise Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Iranian President, personally plans to hasten: "Israel must be wiped off the map," and "We will crush America under our feet," says he.

Asked " Will Palestinian elections augur well for Middle East peace? Almost equally as frightening, Pakistan denies that it plans to buy half a dozen new nukes from China. As Shakespeare said, "The lady doth protest too much, methinks. Then there's that other yellowed old curmudgeon, North Korea, who continues to feverishly pursue all the components needed for making nuclear bombs. And last, but so way not least, our old nemesis Bin Laden is still rattling the sabre. Time for a regime change in a lot of places. If you like Iraq, then you'll love what's coming next.

Some say an "American Hiroshima" is in our near future. In late August , we see that Iran is running 4, centrifuges "full throttle" for the purpose of creating fissile materials. Both nuclear disaster and psychopaths whatever the source of their motivation threaten the foundation of Western civilization, but muslim psychos with nukes may truly cause the end in our lifetime.

Think the UN will protect America from the scourge of Islam? Think again. A group of international Non-Government Organizations say that U. This seems both odd and dangerous in a time when record amounts of radioactive material are being "lost" in Canada. Most will agree that terrorists would not be stealing nuke dust in Canada to make a dirty nuclear bomb more info here so they can light up Paris. More likely they are dreaming of a dozen such bombs and 1,, Americans dying of radiation sickness.

Europe also has black-market nuclear materials that are readily available to terrorists. Even Dilbert's "life" on earth is affected by the Nuclear Monster. There's a lot more news here. Get informed. Stay informed.

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Most are minor, but there are dozens every week. Find your favorite local Nuclear Monster and waste dump. Various safety standards have continually been weakened for decades to ensure US commercial nukes appear to be "operating safely. Reactors may have been damaged by the March 11 earthquake even before the massive tsunami hit. Meanwhile, Mafia may have scuttled a nuclear waste ship off the coast of Italy. Is this a ' deal we can't refuse? How will we clean up all this nuclear potty? Bad nuke, BAD nuke!!

Wolf Creek was in the news back in , too. Bureaucrats are providing only "band-aid" maintenence for this aging class of nukes. Meanwhile, back in the Nuclear World, there are unending tragedies and trauma. Meanwhile, Fukushima nuclear fires still burn. Deja Vu Fukushima: Natural disaster disrupts critical power to reactor cooling. After that time, commercial outside electrical power must be restored.

How d'ya like them odds, America?? Revelation - " And the name of the star is called Wormwood: and the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter. Beeker offer this video tutorial. Here are the words and chords to Ghost town right click to download in Em no capo needed , and in F m the original key. In it Elena says: " The similarity of Japan's beaurocrats to those of the Soviet Union is so obvious Elena continues: " They adhere to authority no matter how unsafe the actions of those in charge have been.

Very sorry to say that, but in a short few years as a nation remarkable for longevity Japan will turn into sick nation with plenty of birth defects , cripples and funeral processions. Read the original news article here. For additional information click here. One terabecquerel is one trillion becquerels. More joy: Radiation cloud could reach USA west coast. Each of the three so far March Japan nuclear events equal to Three Mile Island nuclear meltdown. Their problems are directly comparable to the Three Mile Island situation.

Total of five nukes at risk. The resulting hyperpressure in containment vessel forced Operators to trigger ' safety ' venting of radioactive vapors. More info here Oh, Happy Day! Obviously for those who have spirogyra for brains, nothing could be worse than [- gasp -] Global Warming. But there's very little agreement on what to do as it will remain a danger for around , years.

Of course, there is no word about the thousands of actual humans maimed and altered from the radiation. Huge photo op: Tourists flock to Cherny for 25th anniversary of nuclear disaster. Party hardy! Cancer causing strontium 90 found in nearby soil. Officials blame other sources. If that link is slow or fails, here are alternate links 1 , and 2. A steady weakening of resolve belies the blustery bravado of weakness.

Satellite images of the launch complex reinforce evidence that Iran has been collaborating with Pyongyang. Did he gain access to information and materials useful to terrorists? First six reactors to be built by The original report on new UN stance is here. They are legion, so learn them all by heart. Accepts deal to swap enriched uranium for nuclear fuel. Experiments smashed record for highest energy - by a factor of How is this "better" than running out of fossil fuel in, say, years?

Dec 16 As 0bama dithers, IRAN - a Country of Peace ruled by the alleged "Religion of Peace" - has developed a nuclear trigger and rocket s able to deliver a nuclear bomb. Dec 11, Another twenty years approved for USA's oldest reactor. Dec 01 Iran announces 10 more nukes while 0bama dithers. Oct 10, Detention of terrorist Muslim engineer at French nuke extended. September 25, Iran has 2nd nuclear processing center. BBC post is here. April 12th, Iran announces full control of entire nuclear fuel cycle. March 24, US Navy Researchers announce possible cold fusion breakthrough.

February 28, Greenpeace has now become anti-nuke. February 25 With Russian help, scientists begin test of Iran's first nuke. February 19 Iran has built up a stockpile of enriched uranium sufficient to detonate one nuclear bomb. Feb 05 Russians to start Iran nuke this year.

Welcome to the beginning of The End Of Days. January 29 Israel says Iran bigger threat than world financial collapse. July 11 Alarm but no action at number of Muslims working at US nuclear facilities and prisons July 05 Dutch ban Muslims from nuclear studies June 16 Pakistanni Muslim gives nuke secrets to everywhere.

More Info here and here, too May 27, Reports of a nuclear explosion in China that may have triggered the pre-Olympic Sichuan 7. The original articles are archived at this link. April 27 "They" are building a new sarcophagus for Chernobyl , and it even looks like a modern "roll-off" stadium cover.

Why, there's even a Chernobyl equivalent of a "Zamboni machine" to help with the construction activities! The nuclear monster has been bound so they say , so why aren't we dancing in the streets for joy? The sell-out founder of Greenpeace may call for more nukes , but just maybe we can still sense a warning to be careful, to be vigilant. More info is here , and here. Jan 28 Pakistan raises the state of alert around its nuclear facilities amid concerns they could be targeted by Islamist militants well, DUH Water shortage could lead to shockingly higher electric bills for millions - what doesn't??

Jan 21 Bomb-making parts found in NY apartment of terrorist professor, a medical anthropologist with a specialty in epidemiology - the spread of disease among large populations [ pardon me I feel a sneeze coming on ]. Jan 10 New Brit nukes get OK , and related info. You can review and acquire the tools of nuclear survival at the KI4U website bookmark it.

Sleep well, my friends Further investigation determined that the shells were eroding to a point approaching minimum allowable wall thickness. Normally the feedwater heaters would have been repaired or replaced. Unfortunately both solutions would have involved extensive costs, which had not been budgeted for in the budget. As a result, the engineers started to look for alternate less costly solutions.

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Let's save a few bucks and damn the children! Did you notice how they failed [yet again] to budget correctly??? Just a minute At the very last minute, old owner finds a buyer for the old, "zombie" nuke. The new owner applies to the NRC for a fresh, new license. The NRC quickly approves, and we all live happily ever after - mostly ; maybe Now there's something way more serious to worry about than binge drinking on college campuses. Of particular concern is that the leaks are deep underground and were not until now being monitored or counted against Indian Point's tritium release allowance.

Remember the good old days when all we had to worry about was Nikita "teddy bear" Khrushchev? Recently Sweeden has been having problems with its reactors. All of them are getting old , and their critical small parts are failing - just as they are in reactors all over the planet. Bet you did not know that Sweeden has permanently shut down two of its 12 nuclear reactors since as part of a plan to phase out [all] nuclear power over the next 30 or so years.

Wonder what they know that our politicians are hiding? Navy's nuclear fleet. A three-year veil of secrecy in the name of national security was used to keep the public in the dark about the handling of highly enriched uranium at the Erwin, Tennesee nuclear fuel plant - including a leak that could have caused a deadly, uncontrolled nuclear reaction. The public was never told about the danger until the recent news leak [radiation, news - it all leaks eventually].

This really makes one want to distrust one's government.

As predicted, its would-be masters at NRG Energy rationalize the move as an " Also notably absent is any acknowledgement much less confirmation by NRG that any funds have been set aside for the eventual decommissioning i. Of course, who would want to supress NRG stock prices by mentioning those embarassing details - or that the entire world is on the verge of a urainum shortage to feed their new babies?

In another, the tall ventilation stack of the ruined reactor looms above some saplings.

Chernobyl’s eerie desolation revealed by camera mounted on drone | Environment | The Guardian

But those trees have since grown so high that only the tip of the stack is visible today. But that sign is several miles south of the barbed-wire fence and checkpoints surrounding the exclusion zone, which stretches almost 19 miles in all directions from the disaster site. Closed motor vehicles are the rule in the zone, where radiation levels are thousands of times normal in places.

A moving vehicle stays ahead of the dust it raises. When it stops, it is enveloped in its own -- often radioactive -- wake. The updated website depicts the lone rider in various zone locations, often with a motorcycle helmet in a bag slung across her shoulders. He also staged some of them. Kyselytsia pointed out the mailbox that the website claimed contained a hunting and fishing publication. It was empty, and Kyselytsia maintains that it was empty when she and the Filatovs entered the building.

Neither Lena nor Igor Filatov were available for comment. A woman who answered the door at their apartment said they had left town and could not be reached. About Us.