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      The reverend leonard. We established an absolute rule, which we calculated in exampl we calculated. At this point you should have fresh install of wordpress. Your theme cleaned and uploaded. Your plugins have likely also been hacked, Check them for hack code. I would re- download all your plugins and not take risk of messing with the plugin code or missing hack code. Upload images and other files you site need. I would do this very carefully. Test that your site is working. Activate plugins one by one. Look at posts to make sure images are working.

      Chances are if your site has been hacked it has affected site structure and the way Google sees your site. It may have been labeled suspicious. It some cases it affected your permalink structure. On one of the sites I fixed the a hack it had changed all the wordpress categories. Once you are sure your site is clean and working properly take some steps to get your standing in Google back and your site indexed properly.

      Use a plugin that will help with crosslinks i. You can change how many related posts you want listed. If you want to be aggressive set to More restrained use 5. Normally I would have set to 3. Use Google Web Master tools and Google fetch. You can use these tools to have your site and pages crawled by Google bots.

      I some cases your site may have been de-indexed by Google.

      Update to newest version of WordPress. Change passwords frequently. Use htaccess file to secure your site. Ther are sveral sites that tell you how to do this, like this one. Link to Webmaster Tools Home Page. Google Analytics Plugin. Google Sitemap plugin. I will cut to the chase and just give you the codes How to add Adsense Code To Header of Thesis WordPress Theme By far this was most difficult to solve and took me a good 2 hours to get Adsense code working and the way I wanted it into header of Thesis. Please contact us today!

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      We can customize your theme or child theme, or create a child theme for you based on your needs while enhancing the performance of every individual attribute. We can customize your plugins, extend plugins e. Contact Us. Great advice, thanks for posting and reminding me that I was going to experiment with AdSense on one of my sites again.

      With a checkbox, it is as easy or difficult as adding a metabox to the code with a single conditional statement. With the custom metabox script , it is quite easy. When I applied the second option, after uploading the adsense. Apparently those words qualify as first paragraph. Any ideas? For the second tip: In line 10 of adsense. Thanks a lot Travis for your code snippet!