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At first I had no idea what I was supposed to do since I had never been a leader of any sort before.


Eventually, carrying the passion for math in mind, I decided that this was a great opportunity for me to challenge myself and make my high school years memorable. We faced many difficulties along the way.

At first, the whole team consists of only four members all Asians of course! We did not have any spare room to practice in, so we had to go to my house everyday after school to work.

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Moreover, there was no financial support from the school, so we paid for everything using our own money. In these difficult conditions, I realized that there were many students who had full potential but lacked interest. The next step is to get support from our school. We figured that in order to get our message heard, we needed to prove ourselves a significant lot. We started with performing social community services such as tutoring after school, organizing a Math day, and providing car wash to raise money. Eventually, our efforts were recognized and we received enough financial support to enter the competition and represent our Alma Mater.

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We finished 8th out of 10 schools at the first competition. Two months later, we were crowned the regional champions for the first time in the history of Brownwood High School. In addition to taking initiatives, I managed to lead a group of young talented people to a collective goal that had previously not been identified. I believe that this leadership experience opened new doors to myself as well as to those of my fellow teammates. April edited April Replies to: short essay about leadership.

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April I liked the last paragraph how you showed the improvement. I've got to go really quickly, so I'll just make one instinctive comment right now, which is that in areas you seem less confident. In the sentence "Being one of the few Asians in the school, somehow I was elected to be the captain of the Math team", I can sense a lack of confidence in the word "somehow". You should change it to show that you believed in yourself being elected as captain, or otherwise, admit that you were not confident before, and later grew to become confident etc Dunno, it's just a quick comment, but hopefully it helps.

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In your lead paragraph: 1. Carries a religious connotation 2. The experience on the soccer field I think you need a better word than exemplary However, being the captain of the math league team taught me what leadership truly is about.

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After this basic difference in emphasis, the goals of both essays are essentially the same and include the following: Describe your strengths honestly. The point here is to show a clear awareness of your personal strengths, as opposed to pretending to be the best at everything. Avoid oversimplified principles. Again, the best approach is to stay specific and personal.

clublavoute.ca/rogon-ligar-con-chicas.php Show growth. One way to avoid having to cite the obvious is instead to show through examples how you came to understand a particular lesson. Illustrate your personal qualities. You want to convey both your own strong understanding of how to lead and indicate to the reader the valuable qualities you have for that task. These can include communication, collaborative, organizational, and problem-solving skills, as well as personal characteristics like inspiration, initiative, responsibility, and vision. You must show them through example. All rights reserved.

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